2016 Maker Space Awards

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Through the generosity of two Tulane alumni, the Maker Space is proud to present competitive cash awards this year. Inspired by the work of John Riddell and J. Lawrence Smith, Professors of Chemistry at Tulane before the Civil War, this gift was made to encourage students to explore their creativity in designing and innovating technology. Riddell and Smith are credited with inventing the first practical microscope to enable binocular viewing as well as the inverted microscope. In an effort to recognize the next innovative breakthrough on campus, these cash awards will be given for a student project completed in the Maker Space

Award #1. Project of the Year This award will go to the most creative and interesting original project built in the Maker Space during the 2015-16 academic year. Usefulness, creativity, and aesthetic appeal will be considered, though not necessarily in that order, regardless of field or intent. This award will come with a cash prize of $250 and a student-designed trophy to forever adorn your mantel so that you can point it out to your children and say “that’s from when I won Project of the Year at the Tulane MakerSpace!” Submit photographs, renderings, and a one-page text description (all in pdf format) to cfw@tulane.edu by April 15. A panel of judges will announce the winner on April 25.

Award #2: The award for the Award for Project of the Year Sit tight, because this one will require TWO designs.. The designs should pay homage to the inventions of Riddell and Smith. Illustrations of their work are seen below; others can be found on the internet. The first design is for the super-awesome trophy that is presented for the Project of the Year. Yeah, the one you just read about! The second will be a permanent memorial to be displayed in the MakerSpace noting the award winners from each year. YOUR WORK WILL BE IMMORTAL! The winner must design and build both projects, but teamwork is encouraged. Plus you can bring your kids to Tulane years from now and point to it on the wall and tell them “I made that, punk!” This also comes with a $250 cash prize. And Tulane will supply the needed plywood, plexiglass, pigmented filament or other available materials. Submit your two designs (in pdf format) by to cfw@tulane.edu by April 1. .