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123D Catch is a program which allows you to create a 3d model from regular 2d photographs. By taking multiple photographs of an object from different angles and then uploading them to Catch, the program can find connections between the photos and link them together to create a digital 3d model. Once the digital model is created, it can then be manipulated using another program such as Meshmixer.


123D Catch is free software provided through the AutoDesk 123D collection, anyone can download and install it for free on their personal computer.

Install Link:

Note: the Autodesk 123D series of programs is being phased out in early 2017. All of the features of 123D Catch have been implemented into AutoDesk ReMake or AutoDesk ReCap. Our understanding is the mobile version of 123D Catch will continue to work.

Getting Started

There are tutorials and videos provided at

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