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Mathworks' MATLAB software is a very useful programming system for creating scientific and mathematical programs. It's simple interface allows one to easily write programs designed to produce mathematical results, including symbolic integration and matrix analysis. It is also able to interface with graphical outputs to produce simulations, and can be used for data analysis.

MATLAB is also able to program physical electronics such as the Arduino system. Combining this with its simple interface and graphical interaction it can be a very powerful language for programming and interfacing with programmable electronic devices.


MATLAB is proprietary software, although the School of Science and Engineering does maintain a site-license, thus it can be found on a number of computers around the University.

There is also a student version of MATLAB, which contains most of the relevant capabilities of the overall program, available at:

Resources for using MATLAB with Arduino and other micro-controllers can be found at:

Getting Started

Tutorials are available at

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