Afsheen Sajjadi

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Afsheen Sajjadi
Afsheen Sajjadi

MakerSpace Ninja


Phone: (337) 451-0245

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Minor: Math

LinkedIn: in/afsheen-sajjadi



I chanced upon the MakerSpace my freshman year, nothing important happened before that.

I live in the Mezzanine area, and sleep on the couch there. I spend a lot of time in the MakerSpace, I'm not really sure what happens in that time, but somehow I always end up with cool stuff that didn't exist before. See portfolio below.

Maker Skills

  • Extensive Experience in Machine Repair
  • Finite Element Analysis - ABAQUS, COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Maker of the Year 2015-2016 (Inaugural Year)

Past Contracts


NASA Big Idea Challenge

As a result of my MakerSpace activities, I was a member of a Tulane design team organized to answer NASA's BIG Idea Challenge for 2017. Our answer was titled The Sunflower: A Modular and Hexagonally Symmetric SEP Cargo Transport Spacecraft. The Sunflower was an innovative new concept that designed and modeled for in-space assembly of a modular solar powered spacecraft to move cargo from Low Earth Orbit to Lunar Distant Retrograde Orbit and eventually Mars. We were proclaimed finalists in December of 2016. We were announced as the first place winners out of 28 teams from across the country in February of 2017 after presenting to a panel of NASA experts at the Langley Research Center along with the other finalists. We made heavy use of the MakerSpace in making our design. Below is more information regarding the project along with other media surrounding our successes in the competition.

Project Concept Video

Becoming Finalists Tulane Article

NASA News Article

NASA Feature

Tulane PR Article

Newcomb-Tulane Annual Review

NOLA News Article

Advocate Newspaper Article

Channel 4 News Spot

City Business Newspaper Article

TV Ad Spot during a Tulane Football Game

All the Ingenuity Under the Sun

Completed Projects

Tulane Gear Shield: Video

  • This was my first MakerSpace project, made on the Epilog laser cutters.

Life fending off Death

  • This originates from a hospital sculpture I found online that really inspires me as a Biomedical Engineering student. With heavy path editing and a multiple pass trace bitmap function, I was able to acquire a decent engraving.

  • Compilation of other projects are under construction - Many have been lost to time

In-Progress Projects

Original Laser Cut Poker Set --- Coming Soon

Featured Promotional Videos

MakerSpace Mission: 3D Model of Gibson Hall

Only the Audacious Campaign

My MakerSpace ruler design featured in the Tulane Magazine

Featured in the Fall 2017 Tulane BME Newsletter

Project Guides and Tutorials Created

  • Basic 3D Modeling Tutorial
    • This tutorial is designed to show you the basics of using a 3D modeling software (Autodesk Fusion 360) to create a 3D printable, "Maker Coin". This workshop include Getting Familiar with Fusion, Creating Sketches, Extruding Sketches, Rounding Sharp Edges, and Cutting Out Arbitrary Shapes, Using Patterning Tools, and Engraving Objects to create a unique and customized token. See the pdf below for full instructions:

Basics of Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Intermediate 3D Modeling Tutorial
    • This tutorial is designed to show you the basics of using a 3D modeling software (Autodesk Fusion 360) to create a 3D printable castle tower. See pdf below for full instructions.

Intermediate Skills for Autodesk Fusion 360

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