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'''''MakerSpace Fabrication Technician'''''
'''''MakerSpace Fabrication Technician'''''
[[File:Mill Work.jpg|400px|right]]
'''Email:''' aburkin@tulane.edu
'''Email:''' aburkin@tulane.edu

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MakerSpace Fabrication Technician

Mill Work.jpg

Email: aburkin@tulane.edu

Major: Engineering Physics

Certificate Mechanical Engineering

LinkedIn: in/asherburkin


Maker Skills

  • Digital 1.png
  • Digital 2.png
  • Metal 1.png
  • Metal 2.png
  • Electronics.png
  • Wood 1.png
  • CNC-Lathe.png
  • CNC-Mill.png
  • Water Jet2.png


CNC Mill

Titans Mill 1.jpg

Water Jet

Cutting in water jet
Overall 1in thick cold rolled steel