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Preventing injury to people (and equipment) is our first priority. To do this, users must demonstrate knowledge and competence. After completing Basic Training, users can earn Badges that certify their competence. The various badges, and the equipment authorized by that badge, are described in the Safety and Manuals section.

Each machine also has an associated Job Hazard Analysis document which describes potential sources of injury for that specific machine. To access these forms, go to Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Documents.

Many of the machines in the MakerSpace are "locked-out" from users until they complete the requisite training. As training is completed, users will gain access to the machines through the Machine Access System.

Most importantly, do not ever try to use a machine that has been "tagged-out" with a DANGER notice or whose power outlet has been locked. If a machine seems to be behaving abnormally, immediately contact a Maker Fab Tech and describe the problem to them.

Tools and Equipment

Machine Access System

Rapid Prototyping Tools

Stationary Power Tools

Hand Held Power Tools

Assorted Hand Tools

Testing and Measurement

Finishing Tools