Chase Schober

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MakerSpace Ninja


Phone: (504) 722-9514

Major: Engineering Physics

Graduation Date: May, 2018


  • CNC Mill

Over the summer of 2017, I logged over 300 hours on the Tormach PCNC 770 mill. After training with the available stock in the MakerSpace, I began to machine parts for various research groups on campus. These custom parts varied significantly in complexity and required tolerance. Here are some of the more comprehensive projects that I worked on with a description of their process and purpose.

Jason Schuster Parts:

Jason approached me with the engineering plans for an adjustable cruciform to assist in his bio-medical research. He provided me with CAD models of four "slider" parts and one "stamp base". I imported them into Fusion 360, wrote the CAM, and machined the parts using the Tormach PCNC 770. Becuase of the locomotive nature of the sliders, each of their tolerances was ± .002". Each of the stamps required machining on both the top and bottom surface and so were flipped in the vice halfway through the operation. This was an excellent experience in standardizing my measurement procedure and performing the operation so that the two cuts met each other smoothly.

The stamp base required the use of a T-slotter to route the hole for the sliders. I researched the appropriate feeds and speeds of the new tool and manipulated the CAM to produce a cut within specification. This part also required a vice flip in order to machine both sides.

The cruciform, made of the five machined components, is being actively used by Jason's research team, the Biomechanics of Growth and Remodeling Lab, at Tulane University.

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Cryo-Optic Chamber:

Escarra Research Parts

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Fidget Spinner:


Spinning Army Star

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  • CNC Lathe

Cryo-Optic Chamber Lid

Jarrod's Parts

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  • Laser Engraver

Chess Board:

Arduino Enclosure:


Bowling Set: