FlexyDually Extruder TAZ 5

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Example Image of FlexyDually Dual Extruder

The LulzBot TAZ 5 with the FlexyDually extruder has the advantage that it is able to print two filaments at once: one being a standard, hard plastic filament, for example ABS or PLA, and the other a flexible filament, such as a dissolvable support material, like PVA, or a rubber-like flexible material, like NinjaFlex.

Printing with this printer should be considered more advanced, and for most prints, the additional features are likely unnecessary. Additional configuration is necessary in Cura in order to properly use this printer.

Note that g-code prepared for the Hexagon Extruder TAZ 5 will NOT behave the same on this printer. Prints will have to either be re-plated in Cura using the correct machine profile, or the g-code will have to be manually edited.