Machine Access System

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Machine Access System

Most machines in the MakerSpace are controlled by a digital machine access system which will only allow trained users to power up a machine before using it. Access to the machines is granted by an RFID card that is issued to users of the MakerSpace, as training is completed access to those machines is granted via the RFID card. Card scanners providing machine access can be located in each of the different "zones" of the MakerSpace

In order to gain control of a machine that a user is certified to use, they can simply hold their RFID card up to the scanner, then select "Search" on the screen. The system will search for the user's permissions and grant access to the machines. To allow power to a machine simply press the button under the machine that you want to use, then turn the machine on. After logging into the necessary machine(s), press

When the user is finished with the machine, they need to return to the screen, scan the RFID card again, and press the button to turn off access to the machine.

NOTE: Any user who logs into a machine is responsible for the use of that machine until they log out It is extremely important to log out of a machine so that untrained users cannot accidentally power up the machine and cause an injury.