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There are thousands of free projects and plans available on the Instructables website for just about any kind of idea, you can simply browse through their main sections or search for a specific type of project to find plans, schematics, videos, and instructions to build or modify their projects yourself.

Make Magazine Skill Builders

Each of these covers a very specific skill. If you're unfamiliar with a tool, material or process, these are the best way to get the background you need.

List of Popular Skill Builder Topics

Full list of all Skill Builder Topics

Measuring with Digital Calipers

How to use PVC pipe as a structural element

Tape measure tricks and features

Types of bearings and how to use them

Elementary sheet metal work

Soldered protoboards for electronics projects

Elementary woodworking skills

Using a carpentry speed-square

Cutting and bending Plexiglass sheets]



Making a Tabbed Box using the Laser Cutter


The tabbed box is one of the simplest and most useful things to design for the laser cutter. There are several online applications that will take your input and allow you to download an .svg file that can be incorporated into Inkscape, CorelDraw, or Illustrator. In my view, using an Inkscape extension is by far the easiest way to design your box and make adjustments right in Inkscape itself.

Instructions for Making a Tabbed Box using the Laser Cutter

Download BoxMaker for Inkscape

Simple online service: MakerCase

Creating Stacked 3d Models using the Laser Cutter

Picture 32.jpg

The laser cutter can be used to create 3d models by cutting individual thin layers and then stacking them together to create a full size object. This is useful for creating prototypes that may be too large to be 3d printed.

Instructions for Creating Stacked 3d Models using the Laser Cutter

Download AutoDesk 123D Make

Transferring SolidWorks Drawings to the Laser Cutter (.pdf)

If you have designed an object for the laser cutter (such as a box) using Solidworks, this will show you how to transfer your Solidworks models into Inkscape files to be sent to the laser cutter.

Instructions for Transferring SolidWorks Drawings to the Laser Cutter (.pdf)