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There are thousands of free projects and plans available on the Instructables website for just about any kind of idea, you can simply browse through their main sections or search for a specific type of project to find plans, schematics, videos, and instructions to build or modify their projects yourself.

Generative Design in Fusion 360

Autodesk's Fusion 360 has a Generative Design workspace that uses computational optimization to create beautiful and abstract 3D models using computer learning. This video tutorial was created by one of our former Fabrication Technicians, Dylan.

It is recommended that you have an Autodesk Education account prior to beginning.

The video is very in-depth, in case you are new to Fusion 360.

Instructions for Generative Design in Fusion 360

Make Magazine Skill Builders

Each of these external links to the Make Magazine web site covers a very specific skill. If you're unfamiliar with a tool, material or process, these are the best way to get the background you need.

List of Popular Skill Builder Topics

Full list of all Skill Builder Topics

Measuring with Digital Calipers

Tape measure tricks and features

Types of bearings and how to use them

Elementary sheet metal work

Introduction to metal working

Soldered protoboards for electronics projects

Elementary woodworking skills

Using a carpentry speed-square

Cutting and bending Plexiglass sheets

Carving and smoothing structural styrofoam

Introduction to CNC routers

Workpiece layout - finding the center

Repairing failed 3d prints with hot melt glue

Sculpting and smoothing with Bondo auto body filler

Choosing the right tip for a soldering iron

Choosing the right wire strippers

Taking photos of small objects

First intro to Arduino - make a light blink

Design tools for joining laser-cut parts - also works for CNC

Arduino sound synthesis

Welding smoothing riveting and painting 3d printed objects

Rivets and how to use them

Dual extruder 3d printing - getting started

Eye protection options

PVC pipe dimensions and uses

How to cut, glue and drill PVC pipe

Using .stl files on the laser cutter