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:Information on those involved in building, managing, and improving the Tulane MakerSpace.
:Information on those involved in building, managing, and improving the Tulane MakerSpace.
[[MARS (Makers And Robotics Society)]]
:Connect with the Tulane Makers and Robotics Society.
[[Support & Contribute]]
[[Support & Contribute]]
:Methods for supporting the Tulane MakerSpace
:Methods for supporting the Tulane MakerSpace

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A MakerSpace has been described as new amalgam of art, craft, and technology. Our goal is to serve all makers, and potential makers, in the Tulane Community. We do so by providing tools, assistance, and ideas.

Just Getting Started?

News and Updates


Please watch our new (1/24/17) video, featuring Maker Ninjas Afsheen, Ben, and Elise. https://youtu.be/oWzSFK_JPI8

And while you have a YouTube window open, check out the video of Tulane University's 2016/17 finalist team submission to NASA's BIG Idea Challenge http://bigidea.nianet.org/ MakerSpace users designed and built a scale prototype for a modular spacecraft intended to ferry cargo spacecraft from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) To Lunar-Distant Retrograde Orbit (LDRO). MakerSpace Advisor Prof. Schuler was the team's mentor. https://youtu.be/joVTsoJ4z14

Spring 2017 Hours

Click on "MakerSpace Access" at left to see our hours for Spring semester.

New Tools

We just installed third Lulzbot Taz 5, and two Autodesk Ember SLA printers. During Winter break, a Jet horizontal band saw and a 36" Eastwood blast cabinet with glass bead media were installed. The vertical mill was converted to a precision drill press. In addition, we've added a Rockler horizontal clamping system to one of the benches near the CNC Mill.

Architecture MakerSpace

The School of Architecture's large format laser cutters are available to MakerSpace users. Currently they charge $10/hour ($3 minimum) for machine time; payable with Splash card or check. They have extended operating hours. Go to http://architecture.tulane.edu/dol/reserve-laser to schedule time on one of their three 36"x18" laser cutters. File formats are PDF or Illustrator. As with our Epilog laser cutters, use a line width of 0.001" to vector cut. Be sure to set your document size to their bed size of 36"x18" which is different from the bed size of the Epilogs. Bring your material and files (on a USB drive) to room 104 of Richardson Memorial Hall; student workers are there to help you get set up.

Maker of the Year

The Maker of the Year Award, funded by a generous gift from Lary Walker (G ’76, ’79) will be presented in Spring '17. If you've designed and built something awesome, please take lots of photos and hold them until we announce the entry process.

The inaugural Spring '16 award was presented to Afsheen Sajjadi (SSE'19). His independently designed truss, fabricated on the Maker Space laser cutter, impressed the Award judges, and also Prof. Raymond, his instructor in ENGP1410. Afsheen is now a Maker Ninja in the Maker Space.

  • bridge ready for testing
  • parts layout
  • Award

Links on this Wiki

MakerSpace Access

Hours, location, and contact information.


A list of software programs that are available to students, with notes on their use.

Rapid Prototyping Tools

Links and information concerning the available rapid prototyping tools, including information on training and safety.

Machine Tools

Information and links to training documents concerning fixed (not handheld) power tools and processes.

Hand Tools

A list of handheld tools(including some handheld power tools) that Makers can expect to find in the workshops. The list is a general snapshot and will not be a detailed/comprehensive inventory.

Testing and Measurement

Tools and equipment for measurement of various properties.


Supplies on hand at the MakerSpace, and where to find them.

Other Resources

Information about suppliers and other online resources.

Project Guides and Tutorials

Samples of projects and instructions for doing them yourself.

MakerSpace Digital Library

Access the digital library for MakerSpace books and resources


Examples of projects built in the Tulane MakerSpace.


Information on those involved in building, managing, and improving the Tulane MakerSpace.

MARS (Makers And Robotics Society)

Connect with the Tulane Makers and Robotics Society.

Support & Contribute

Methods for supporting the Tulane MakerSpace


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The New Orleans Maker Community

New Orleans has a long history of artistic creation, and that creativity is now expressed in a vibrant maker community. The Tulane MakerSpace is proud to be a part of this community. Other members include