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==Where are we?==
==Where are we?==
[[https://goo.gl/maps/tNEXdiFUhAS2 Google Map]]
[[https://goo.gl/maps/tNEXdiFUhAS2 Google Map]] 
[[https://makerspace.tulane.edu/index.php/MakerSpace_Access Aerial view]]
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[[https://makerspace.tulane.edu/index.php/MakerSpace_Access Aerial view]]
==News and Updates==
==News and Updates==

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A MakerSpace has been described as new amalgam of art, craft, and technology. Our goal is to serve all makers, and potential makers, in the Tulane Community. We do so by providing tools, assistance, and ideas. Commercial use of the MakerSpace is not allowed. If in doubt, questions about interpretation should be directed to the Director before a project is started.





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Just Getting Started?

Where are we?

[Google Map] [Aerial view]

When are we open?

Click on "MakerSpace Access" to see our hours of operation.

News and Updates


  • The MakerSpace is featured in the launch for Tulane's $1.3B fund raising campaign. Chase Schober, one of our Ninjas, is seen in the video and the web site mentions the NASA team in the MakerSpace.
  • A new video, featuring Maker Ninja Antonius Prader, was produced by the Office of Admission. Shout-out to Justin Baris for organizing this.
  • We have purchased a Carvey and a Formlabs SLA printer. Both are available to users with Digital-2_Training credentials.
  • A 30-second video, featuring the NASA team, was filmed in the MakerSpace.
  • We have started a Slack channel for the Tulane MakerSpace to post micro-updates and discussions. You can join by clicking here or the button at the right of the page.
  • The Tulane MakerSpace was recently featured as part of a tour for the Board of Tulane. The tour was well-received and many board members enjoyed discussing projects and tools with Chase Schober and Olivia Michael.
  • We have upgraded our 3d printing equipment and filaments, and can now report that (almost) all of our 3d printers are reliably creating beautiful prints and we haven't had a failed print in well over a month of heavy use.
  • The 2017 Maker of the Year Awards were announced on April 18. The winners of cash prizes are Chase Schober and Rae Mills. Scroll down to see their winning submissions.
  • The March '17 TULANIAN magazine features the MakerSpace on pages 5, 7, and 11 of the print edition (pages 7, 9, and 13 in the electronic version).
  • The Hullabaloo (2/9/2017) reports on the MakerSpace as a place for collaboration
  • Please watch our new (1/24/2017) video, featuring Maker Ninjas Afsheen, Ben, and Elise.
  • And while you have a YouTube window open, check out the video of Tulane University's 2016/17 grand prize winning team submission to NASA's BIG Idea Challenge MakerSpace users designed and built a scale prototype for a modular spacecraft intended to ferry cargo spacecraft from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) To Lunar-Distant Retrograde Orbit (LDRO). MakerSpace Advisor Prof. Schuler was the team's mentor.

New Tools

We're adding a third SLA 3d printer (this one from Formlabs) and upgrading the wood shop's access control system. A table-mounted router has been purchased, along with better material handling capability on the radial arm saw and miter saw.

Upcoming Events

Maker of the Year

The 2017 Maker of the Year Award, funded by a generous gift from Lary Walker (G ’76, ’79) are Chase Schober (Engineering Physics) and Rae Mills (Computer Science and Studio Art).

  • Chase Schober: 3D scanned hand in a living hinge acrylic box
  • Rae Mills: Brass cast necktie, lost wax method casting from PLA printed segments

Architecture Laser Cutter

The School of Architecture's large format laser cutters are available to MakerSpace users. Currently they charge $10/hour ($3 minimum) for machine time; payable with Splash card or check. They have extended operating hours. Go to http://architecture.tulane.edu/dol/reserve-laser to schedule time on one of their three 36"x18" laser cutters. File formats are PDF or Illustrator. As with our Epilog laser cutters, use a line width of 0.001" to vector cut. Be sure to set your document size to their bed size of 36"x18" which is different from the bed size of the Epilogs. Bring your material and files (on a USB drive) to room 104 of Richardson Memorial Hall; student workers are there to help you get set up.

Links on this Wiki

MakerSpace Access

Hours, location, and contact information.

Contracted Projects

Policy on fabrication projects for Tulane clients

Available Tools

Links and information concerning the tools we have in the MakerSpace, grouped by category.

Safety and Manuals

Information on safety procedures and training, plus links to instruction manuals for equipment.


A list of software programs that are available to students, with notes on their use.


Supplies on hand at the MakerSpace, and where to find them.

Other Resources

Information about suppliers and other online resources.

Project Guides and Tutorials

Samples of projects and instructions for doing them yourself.

MakerSpace Digital Library

Access the digital library for MakerSpace books and resources


Examples of projects built in the Tulane MakerSpace.


Information on those involved in building, managing, and improving the Tulane MakerSpace.

MARS (Makers And Robotics Society)

Connect with the Tulane Makers and Robotics Society.

Support & Contribute

Methods for supporting the Tulane MakerSpace

The New Orleans Maker Community

New Orleans has a long history of artistic creation, and that creativity is now expressed in a vibrant maker community. The Tulane MakerSpace is proud to be a part of this community. Other members include