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===Available Equipment===
===Available Equipment===
*[[Vernier LabPro Interface]] (x2)
*[[Dual-Range Force Sensor]]
*[https://www.pasco.com/prodCatalog/CI/CI-6538_rotary-motion-sensor/index.cfm Rotary Motion Sensor]
*[[Ultrasonic Motion Detector]] (x2)
*[[Rotary Motion Sensor]]
*[[3-axis Accelerometer]] (x2)
*[[Temperature Probe]]
*[[Voltage Sensor]]
*[[Current Sensor]]
*[[Magnetic Field Sensor (Hall Probe)]]

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Electronic Testing and Measurement System

The Tulane MakerSpace has a set of electronic sensors that can be used to measure various properties of objects and devices. Our sensors are made by Vernier, and data can be recorded on any computer with a Vernier LabPro interface connected and the Vernier LoggerPro software. While the equipment is available for all students to use, please do not remove it from the MakerSpace.

The LoggerPro software is also capable of performing frame-by-frame analysis of images and video captured via webcam, thus allowing measurements to be made in the field or at other locations without the use of the electronic sensors.

T. Schuler

Available Equipment