Tormach CNC Milling Machine

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Required Badge Required PPE
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Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) documents, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) information, and Operator's Manuals can be found in the Safety and Manuals section.

This machine is covered under the CNC training. Users who have not completed this training cannot use this machine.


  1. When facing with a superfly on aluminum, use 2500 RPM, 12 ipm
  2. When facing with a 1/2" on aluminum, use 5000 RPM, 12 IPM
  3. If you have a tall, thin piece of stock, stabilize it on either side with 1-2-3 blocks and face with an endmill to reduce chatter
  4. When cutting a thin plate of aluminum stock, tools like the 1/2" and the shear hog will induce too much pressure and cause chatter. This can be prevented by performing your adaptive and contour operations with a small bit such as a 3/16".

Always reference Z first