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|Sat 2/23/19 10:00AM
|Sat 2/23/19 10:00AM
|Fusion360 II More features
|Fusion360 II More features
|Ian and Marco
|Ian, Dylan and Marco
|Sat 3/16/19 10:00AM
|Sat 3/16/19 10:00AM

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Instructors Ian Pimenta and Robert Johnson with Physics Professor Jessica Graber, after Inkscape I workshop. photo credit: Prof. Katherine Raymond

We're offering student-taught tutorials on popular software used in the Scot Ackerman MakerSpace. Classes meet in SE124, the new MakerSpace Project Room. Invitations are sent to all registered MakerSpace users early each week. We have seating for 10 learners. Bring your laptop, with the software already loaded, and our Maker Ninjas will help you learn new skills. Thanks to the Makers and Robotics Society (MARS) for developing the handouts.

Date/Time Topic Instructors
Sat 2/23/19 10:00AM Fusion360 II More features Ian, Dylan and Marco
Sat 3/16/19 10:00AM CAD on the Carvey (requires Fusion360 I) Afsheen
Sun 3/24/19 10:00AM Inkscape I for beginners Ian, Robert
Sun 3/31/19 10:00AM Fusion360 I Introduction for beginners Kyra,
Sun 4/7/19 10:00AM Meshmixer for editing STL files TBA
Sat 2/9/19 10:00AM Inkscape II for intermediate users Daniel, Nathan and Robert
Sat 2/16/19 10:00AM Fusion360 I Introduction for beginners Dylan, Kyra, Ian and Robert

Handouts used in these seminars

MARS LaserWorkshop.pdf Inkscape I for Beginners

AdvancedLaserCutting Tree V2.pdf Inkscape II for intermediate users

Fusion Basics 02202019.pdf Fusion360 I Introduction to 3D printing

Fusion 360 Guide 4-11-18.pdf Fusion360 II More features

CAD on the Carvey

Meshmixer for editing STL files