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==Exorcist3D YouTube Channel==
==Exorcist3D YouTube Channel==
Here's my YouTube channel, several videos of my 3D printer and South Bend lathe are found here:
[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs3DtQdvaa5NtlPvjeaVfjA Exorcist3D YouTube Channel]
==1934 South Bend Lathe Restoration & Projects==
==1934 South Bend Lathe Restoration & Projects==

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  • I don't always wear a dress shirt and tie to the Makerspace, but when I do, you know I was photoshopped!
  • Bio

    This is my homepage, which I don't use.

    Jason Schuster

    Maker Ninja

    PhD Candidate

    Department of Biomedical Engineering

    Lab Website: Biomechanics of Growth & Remodeling Lab

    Email: jschust5@tulane.edu

    Maker Skills:

    Tulane Makerspace Project Portfolio

    Exorcist3D YouTube Channel

    1934 South Bend Lathe Restoration & Projects

    Over Christmas break 2017, I machined some small parts for my lab. These parts are cannula, used to mount soft tissues on our inflation-extension test device. The material is PEEK plastic, it can be auto-claved and machines nicely. Check out my YouTube link above, there is a quick video of the PEEK being machined. The lathe I used is a 1934 Southbend 9" Workbench 405. This lathe is a restoration project I completed in 2010.

    • 3.0mm Cannula
    • 1/8"NPT to 3.8mm Cannula
    • 1934 Southbend 405 Lathe
    • X-axis fine adjustment
    • Updated tooling post

    Last Update

    JasonS 17 January 2018