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  • Jason makerspace.jpg
  • I don't always wear a dress shirt and tie to the Makerspace, but when I do, you know I was photoshopped!

    Jason Schuster - MakerSpace Ninja

    Graduate Student - Biomedical Engineering

    Biomechanics of Growth & Remodeling Lab



    Maker Skills:

    • 3d Printing, Laser Cutter, Lathe, Mill, Woodworking, Sand casting
    • Welding: TIG, MIG, Stick, & Oxy-acetylene
    • 3D Printing: Cura, Sprinter Firmware, Slic3r,
    • Programming - LabVIEW, MATLAB, Mathematica
    • Learing - Slicer for Fusion 360, blender
    • Makerspace Training Certifications
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    • Metal 1.png
    • Metal 2.png
    • Wood 1.png
    • Wood 2.png

    Tulane Makerspace Project Portfolio

    • Made on the Carvey - 2 Color HDPE
    • Tissue Stamp - CNC Milled Precision Stamping Fixture
    • Tissue Stamp - CNC Milled Precision Stamping Fixture
    • Tissue Stamp - Laser Cut Acrylic

    Exorcist3D Youtube Page

    Videos of my opensource 3D printer I built

    In 2013, I built my own opensource 3D Printer. I modified the Prusa i3 design. Controlled by: Arduino Mega + RAMPS 1.5 with Sprinter firmware. The frame is made from 1/4" laser cut steel plates and 3/4" lathe turned rods. The build surface is heated and 10" x 10" x 10". Recently, I made several improvements and upgrades, which include a large screen graphical LCD with SD card reader and a genuine E3D titan extruder and V6 Nozzle. Future upgrades include a BL Touch auto level and dual extruders.

    1934 Southbend Lathe Restoration & Projects

    In 2010, I restored a 1934 Southbend 9" Workbench 405 lathe. Primarily, this was just a clean up and paint project to get it running. Once it was running, updating the tooling and finding tooling accessories for it has been ongoing. Over Christmas break 2017, I machined some small parts for my lab:

    • 1934 Southbend 405 Lathe
    • 3.0mm Cannula
    • 1/8"NPT to 3.8mm Cannula

    Last Update

    Jason Schuster, PhD Candidate 08 January 2018