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(Eastwood Blast Cabinet and Dust Collector)
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*[[Glass Bead Abrasive Blast Cabinet]]
*[[Glass Bead Abrasive Blast Cabinet]]
==Eastwood Blast Cabinet and Dust Collector==
[[File: Bandsaw_1.JPG|200px|thumb|right|Bandsaw #1]]
This is an extremely large bandsaw which is normally used for cutting metal stock or sheets.
===Machine Info===
This machine is a Powermatic Model 87.    The manual can be found here 
[http://makerspace.tulane.edu/index.php/File:Powermatic_87_bandsaw_manual.pdf Powermatic Band Saw manual v.1 (.pdf)]  Another version can be found here [http://makerspace.tulane.edu/index.php/File:Powermatic_87_gray.pdf Powermatic Band Saw manual v.2 (.pdf)]  [[PPE]] instructions can be found XXXX.
Replacement blades for this saw should be (who knows) and can be ordered from (Zeus himself?)

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Available Equipment

Machine Access System

Metal and Plastic Working

Wood Working

Surface Finishing


Welding facilities are housed in the sculpture studio of the Woldenberg Art Center on the Newcomb campus. The sculpture studio is in the beautiful 1920’s era natatorium that once housed the women’s swimming pool and is now the foundry and fabrication space. The expansive and day-lit studio was fitted with a new 2 ton bridge crane, storage, lighting, ventilation and foundry facilities as well as the complete range of equipment for gas and arc welding, forging and other metal forming and fabrication processes.

Students who need help with ferrous or aluminum welding should contact Professor Dan Alley dalley1@tulane.edu

Training and Access

All training materials are available through the MyTulane/Blackboard system. All users must go through the required training procedure in order to obtain access to the restricted machine tools.

DELTA 5" Bench Grinder (Model 23-580)

  • Instruction Manual

Shopfox W1826 Wall Mount Dust Collector - used as the suction on the laser cutters Manual W1826 m.pdf