Cold Saw

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This "cold saw" may be used ONLY for cutting aluminum or brass. The blade rotates at a relatively slow 1300RPM, generating less heat. Cutting any other material is dangerous and will destroy the blade.

Required Badge Required PPE
Metal 2.png Safety Eye.png Safety Pants.png Safety Hair.png Safety Shoes.png Safety Jewelry.png

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) documents, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) information, and Operator's Manuals can be found in the Safety and Manuals section.

This machine is covered under the Metal-2 training. Users who have not completed this training cannot use this machine.

Machine Info

This machine is a Makita model LC1230.

Replacement carbide-tipped blades this saw should be 12" diameter with a 1" arbor, and can be ordered from Amazon.