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(Step One)
(Step One)
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[https://makerspace.tulane.edu/Uploads/Training/Wood 1_sp22.pdf '''Review Training Presentation''']
'''[https://makerspace.tulane.edu/Uploads/Training/Wood1_sp22.pdf Review Training Presentation]'''
===Step Two===
===Step Two===

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Wood 1.png

This is basic training for use of woodworking tools with lower risk of serious injury. Completion of the Wood-1 training allows access to

  • Dust collection systems

Step One

Read through the presentation linked below and complete the quiz at the end.

Wood-1 Presentation

Review Training Presentation

Step Two

Contact a training Fab Tech to schedule an appointment. A list of approved Fab Techs is available in the MakerSpace.

Build this push tool to demonstrate your ability to use the machines. There are paper copies of these instructions in the wood shop, printed on 11x17 paper.