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John Sullivan

Interim Executive Director



Phone: (504) 865-5853

Office: 533 Lindy Boggs Building

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Fabrication Technicians

  • Scot Ackerman and the 2019 Maker Ninjas -- photo: Sally Asher
  • The Scot Ackerman MakerSpace is run by student workers. We call them Fabrication Technicians, or Fab Techs for short. They are helpful and knowledgeable, but their first obligation is to ensure safe operation of the MakerSpace. In the past, frequent users of the MakerSpace were identified by current Fab Techs and were invited to apply for a position as a new Fabrication Technician. To be considered for hiring, a user must first demonstrate broad basic competencies by completing the requirements for these credentials:

    • Digital-1
    • Wood-1
    • Metal-1
    • Metal-2
    • Electronics

    This will allow use of all tools in the main shop area and Mezzanine, except for the water jet cutter, CNC Lathe and CNC Mill. All prospective Fab Tech candidates are interviewed, and their project portfolios are reviewed.

    During their first year of work as a Fab Tech, the following additional competencies must be earned in order to continue as a Fab Tech in the second year:

    • Digital-2
    • Either Wood-2 or [CNC-Lathe and CNC-Mill]
    • Water Jet.

    Newly hired Fab Techs start at a salary of $10.00 per hour. After satisfactorily working for two semesters, their pay will increase by $1.00 per hour. Fab Techs who have completed all of the trainings will receive an additional $1.00 per hour, so that a fully trained Fab Tech with at least 2 semesters of experience will earn $12.00 per hour.

    Faculty & Staff Collaborators

    Prof. Adam Crosson runs the sculpture studio in the Art Department, and is available to help students with welding, casting, plasma cutting, and other "hot metal" operations

    Faculty and staff members who would like to be associated with the MakerSpace should contact Timothy Schuler.

    Maker Profiles

    Dr. Timothy Schuler

    Ben Lewson

    Cody O'Cain

    Chase Schober

    Jason Schuster

    Dylan Lucia

    Afsheen Sajjadi

    Lewis Greenstein

    Ian Pimenta

    Asher Burkin