Contracted Projects

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Tulane MakerSpace Policy on Contracted Projects

The MakerSpace is a place where students, staff and faculty create useful and esthetic objects. They are "makers" and this means that they realize their designs in a hands-on manner.

Persons who are not members of the Tulane community (defined by possession of a currently valid Splash card) are not allowed to use any facility in the MakerSpace.

From time to time, a member of the Tulane community may need an object built in the MakerSpace, but may not have the skill to build it. They will approach a Ninja for help, offering to pay for time and materials. This policy defines the process and rules for that transaction.

1. The first step is a drawing and a bill of materials, prepared by the client in consultation with the Ninja who is willing to undertake the project. The Ninja also provides a written time-line and estimate of labor cost to the client. The drawing, bill of materials, and labor cost estimate are forwarded by the client to

2. If the job is accepted by MakerSpace management, the client will be asked to create an Interdepartmental Transfer (IT) so that the MakerSpace account can be credited. An overhead charge of 20% will be added.

3. Trivial materials (PLA filament, 1/8" plywood, fasteners) are provided as part of the overhead charge. Any other materials are to be provided by the client. Clients who want to use existing MakerSpace material stock will be charged for the replacement value found at Scheduling is negotiated between the Ninja and client, who needs to respect the status of the Ninja as a student undertaking this work in extracurricular time.

If the scope of the project changes during the build phase, or the labor cost estimate proves to be inaccurate, a collegial exchange of e-mails including is the preferred method of keeping all parties informed as the problem moves toward resolution.

When the project is completed, the IT will be closed out and all parties informed of the final cost.

current as of 10/5/2017