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Available Equipment

Machine Access System

Stationary Powered Tools

Hand Held Power Tools

Surface Finishing


Welding facilities are housed in the sculpture studio of the Woldenberg Art Center on the Newcomb campus. The sculpture studio is in the beautiful 1920’s era natatorium that once housed the women’s swimming pool and is now the foundry and fabrication space. The expansive and day-lit studio was fitted with a new 2 ton bridge crane, storage, lighting, ventilation and foundry facilities as well as the complete range of equipment for gas and arc welding, forging and other metal forming and fabrication processes.

Students who need help with ferrous or aluminum welding should contact Professor Dan Alley dalley1@tulane.edu

Training and Manuals

Preventing injury to people (and equipment) is our first priority. To do this, users must demonstrate knowledge and competence. Users can earn a "badge" that certifies their competence. The various badges, and the equipment authorized by that badge, can be found here: PPE

Along with the badge, the user's RFID card will be recognized to turn on power to equipment. For example, a user who's completed the requirements for the Metal-1 badge will be allowed to use the drill press, vertical band saw, and many of the portable tools.

On-line training materials are under development and will be available through the MyTulane/Blackboard system. All users must go through the required training procedure in order to earn a badge that conveys access to the restricted machine tools.

Manuals for most of the tools in the MakerSpace have links below, and are also linked from specific sections of this Wiki.

Machine Stationary Saws.pdf Model 87 BANDSAW 1986.pdf Sears 18 band saw 351-243981.pdf Jet Horizontal band saw model 414458 manual.pdf Milwaukee 14 inch cutoff saw 6176-20.pdf

Wood Stationary Saws.pdf Jet 16 inch band saw JWBS-16B.pdf Craftsman 351-214000 10 inch band saw.pdf Delta RS830 10 inch radial arm saw.pdf Powermatic 10 inch Table Saw PM2000.pdf POWERMATIC ACCU-FENCE.pdf Rockwell RK7320 Blade Runner saw.pdf Rockwell RW9261 circile cutter for Blade Runner.pdf

Machine Stationary Drill Press.pdf Clausing 15 in drill press model 1672.pdf Sears 20 inch drill press 137-229200.pdf Central Machinery Mill Drill T2119.pdf

Wood Stationary Drill Press.pdf Wilton 15 inch drill press A5816.pdf

Wood Stationary Sander.pdf Delta 12 inch disc sander 31-120.pdf Powermatic Belt Disc sander 31A.pdf

Machine Stationary Grinder.pdf Central Machinery 8 inch grinder S-595.pdf

Machine Stationary Abrasive.pdf Eastwood blast cabinet 20027.pdf Eastwood dust collector 30998.pdf Central Machinery 6 gallon Parts Washer.pdf

Machine Stationary Sheet Metal.pdf PX24 PX36.pdf

Machine Portable Drills.pdf Skil 6335 1-2 in VSR drill.pdf DrillMaster 60614 3-8 in VSR drill.pdf Black and Decker 7153 Type 1 3-8 inch VSR drill.pdf

Machine Portable Angle.pdf Porter Cable PC750AG 4.5 inch angle grinder.pdf Alltrade 2407 4 1-2 in Angle Grinder.pdf

Central Machinery Mill Drill T2119.pdf W1826 m.pdf 2HP, 1500CFM DUST COLLECTOR.pdf STABIL-THERM LAB OVEN.pdf