CNC Tool Training

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Associated Tools

Tormach CNC Mill

Tormach CNC Lathe

Step One

Read through the presentation linked below and complete the quiz at the end.'

CNC Tools Presentation

Step Two

Lathe-1 Training Piece.jpg
  • It is very strongly suggested that Metal-1 be completed before learning to use the lathe.
  • The training for the lathe is significantly more advanced than the training for the other machines in the MakerSpace.
  • The training is structured to take two hours, and each trainee is expected to read fully through the training documentation before arriving.
  • Even with this training, there are still limitations to your access to this machine. Specifically, lathe operations will still need to be conducted in the presence of a trained Ninja until competency is confirmed
  • Due to high demand, users who are serious about dedicating time to a continued learning of this machine will be prioritized.

Complete the following designs using the provided walk-through instructions to demonstrate your ability to use the machines.

Lathe Training Walkthrough

Step Three

Complete the following designs on your own to demonstrate your ability to use the machines.