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[[File:Chase Escarra 2.jpeg|400px]]
[[File:Chase Escarra 2.jpeg|400px]]
[[File:2017-08-16 20.03.53.jpg]]
[[File:2017-08-16 20.03.53.jpg|400px]]
[[File:Chase Escarra 4.jpeg|400px]]
[[File:Chase Escarra 4.jpeg|400px]]

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Chase 1.jpg

MakerSpace Ninja

Email: cschober@tulane.edu

Phone: (504) 722-9514

Major: Engineering Physics


  • CNC Mill

Jason Schuster Parts:

Chase Schuster 1.jpeg

Chase Schuster 2.png

Chase Schuster 3.jpeg

Cryo-Optic Chamber:

Escarra Research Parts

Chase Escarra 1.jpeg

Chase Escarra 2.jpeg

2017-08-16 20.03.53.jpg

Chase Escarra 4.jpeg

Chase Escarra 5.jpeg

Fidget Spinner:


Spinning Army Star

Chase Star.jpg

Brian Riggs Research Part

Diamond Blade Bushings

  • CNC Lathe

Cryo-Optic Chamber Lid

Jarrod's Parts

Chase Jarrod 1.jpeg Chase Jarrod 3.png

  • Laser Engraver

Chess Board:

Arduino Enclosure:


Bowling Set: