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(Step Two)
(Step One)
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[https://tulane.box.com/shared/static/6sgnyp64eweitvwz1i8u4xpconxythj4.ppsx Digital-1 Presentation]
[https://tulane.box.com/shared/static/6sgnyp64eweitvwz1i8u4xpconxythj4.ppsx Digital-1 Presentation]
[https://tulane.box.com/s/0rsfnvz8hcnhamvqg8nks8o96dcww0h0 Digital-1 Quiz]
===Step Two===
===Step Two===

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Digital 1.png

This is the basic training for use of the simpler digital rapid prototyping tools. Completion of the Digital-1 training allows access to

Step One

Read through the presentation linked below and complete the quiz at the end.

Digital-1 Presentation

Digital-1 Quiz

Step Two

Complete the following designs to demonstrate your ability to use the machines.

a) 3d Printer: Successfully set up and print Elwood the Robot on any of the 3D printers.

Elwood the Robot file

b) Laser cutter: Design and make a backpack tag like the one in the picture. Use a vector graphics software package (Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape) to lay out the tag and then use the laser cutter to fabricate it from a small piece of scrap plywood. The slot for the plastic loop should have inside dimensions of 5mm x 15mm. When your tag is complete, ask the Ninja for a plastic loop.

Backpack Tag