Digital Tools Training

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This is the basic training for use of the simpler digital rapid prototyping tools. The trainings provided here will describe how to use the following machines in the MakerSpace:

Training Presentations

Read through the presentations linked below.

Using the 3d Printers

Recommended First Project - Download and print a small toy from Thingiverse.

Toy models from Thingiverse

Using the Laser Cutters

Recommended First Project - Design and make a backpack tag to be cut out of plywood.

Luggage tag made on laser cutter.

Using the Carvey CNC Router

Recommended First Project - Make a personal crest for yourself or your family.

Using the iSense 3d Scanner

Recommended First Project - Get a friend to help you scan your head.

Head scan using the iSense scanner.

Using the Peel Hi-Res 3d Scanner

Recommended First Project -