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Dylan Lucia


MakerSpace Ninja

Email: dlucia1@tulane.edu

Phone: (760) 580-9996

Major: Biomedical Engineering

LinkedIn: in/dylanlucia



I grew up in Southern California and attended a project-based learning charter high school called High Tech High North County. While a senior, I helped start our high school's Makerspace. I most commonly worked with Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printers at the time, but have used most of the common large and hand tools typical to a MakerSpace. I was accepted to Tulane University in 2016, and began my attendance in Fall semester of that year. I am currently a Biomedical Engineering sophomore. I am intending to pursue a 4+1 Master's degree.

I was asked to work in the MakerSpace and interviewed in Spring 2017 and began working in Fall of 2017. I have enjoyed making things for as long as I can remember. According to my parents, one of my first words was "router," and when I was an infant I enjoyed watching This Old House hosted by Norm Abram. As I got older, I learned all about tools, construction techniques, and workshop safety from my dad. These are skills I have carried with me for my entire life, and have helped lead me into my job as a Maker Ninja in the Tulane University MakerSpace.

Maker Skills

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  • Basic Machine Skills

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Completed Projects

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Upcoming Projects

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