FlexyDually Extruder TAZ 5 Print Configurations

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This page contains 3d printing configuration information specific to the FlexyDually Extruder TAZ 5. For preparing any print for this printer, make sure that you select "TAZ 5 (Flexydually V1)" under "Machine" in Cura. If that option is not present, you may need to follow the Cura configuration instructions for this printer, or may need to install the latest LulzBot version of Cura.

PLA with PVA Support Material

Cura Instructions

  • Select the "Expert" top drop-down menu, and click/make sure your current settings panel is "Switch to quickprint..."
  • On the left, under "Material:" click the drop-down menu and select "PLA & PVA"
  • Check the boxes for "Print support structure" and "Print brim"
  • Select the "Expert" top drop-down menu, and change your current settings panel to "Switch to full settings..."
  • Under "Speed and Temperature", change "Printing temperature (C)" to be 200, "2nd nozzle temperature (C)" to be 180, and "Bed temperature (C)" to 60
  • Plate your print and export your g-code

Settings Summary

  • Extruder 1 temperature: 200C
  • Extruder 2 temperature: 180C
  • Bed temperature: 60C
  • Print speed: 30mm/s
  • Support type: Everywhere
  • Platform adhesion type: Brim