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[[File:TAZ5.PNG|250px|thumb|right|Example Image of the Lulzbot TAZ 5]]
#REDIRECT [[LulzBot TAZ 5]]
The LulzBot TAZ 5 has a number of advantages over the [[Ultimaker 2]]. These include a larger extruder nozzle, allowing for faster [[3d printing]], a larger build volume, an extruder with the ability to use a wide range of filaments, and generally better print quality and a more robust design. The PEI print surface makes bed preparations, such as glue stick, unnecessary for PLA and ABS printing.
== Cura Configuration ==
Open the LulzBot version of [[Cura]] and follow the following steps:
*Click the "Machine" drop-down menu and select "Add New Machine".
*Select "LulzBot TAZ 4 or 5" and click next.
*Select "Stock TAZ 5 (PEI & v2)" and click next.
*Select "0.5 mm" and click next.
*Click "Finish".
== Recommended Print Configurations ==
[[Hexagon Extruder TAZ 5 Print Configurations]]
== Technical Details ==
*0.5mm nozzle
*300C maximum extruder temperature
*120C maximum bed temperature
*PEI print bed
*Print Area: 298mm x 275mm x 250mm
*Top Print Speed: 200mm/sec
== Bed Leveling ==
The bed leveling procedure...
== Miscellaneous Notes ==

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