Safety and Manuals

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Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Documents

JHA documents go through the step-by-step process of setting up and using a machine, identifying potential safety hazards in each step.

Material Safety Data Sheets

The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required to be posted for all materials found in the MakerSpace.


Preventing injury to people (and equipment) is our first priority. To do this, users must demonstrate knowledge and competence. After completing Basic Training, users can earn badges that certify their competence. The various badges, and the equipment authorized by that badge, is listed below. For each badge, a user builds one or more "widgets" using a combination of tools.

It is of the utmost importance that users obey the mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements when using tools in the MakerSpace. Reminder signs are placed throughout the MakerSpace, and more detailed information can be found in the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) forms below, copies of which are also available in the MakerSpace.

Basic Training

Every MakerSpace user (defined as anyone who touches any tool or piece of equipment) must complete the Basic Training online course, and sign the waiver form (available from any Ninja). Completion of Basic Training allows entry and access to hand tools in the MakerSpace.

Digital-1 Training

Digital-1 Training

Completion of the requirements for the Digital-1 badge allows access to the simpler rapid prototyping tools (laser cutters, filament 3D printers) as well as the polishing disc sander and blast cabinet.

Digital-2 Training

Digital 2.png

Completion of the requirements for the Digital-2 badge allows access to the more complex rapid prototyping tools like the AutoDesk Ember SLA 3d printers and the Carvey CNC router.

CNC Tool Training


Completion of the requirements for the CNC badge allows access to the Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill and the Tormach 15L Slant Pro CNC Lathe. It teaches interactive mode, and does not require the ability to design a part in Fusion360.

Metal-1 Training

Metal 1.png

Completion of the requirements for the Metal-1 badge allows access to the machines geared for plastics and soft metals, including the drill press, vertical band saw, shear, bending brake, horizontal band saw, riveter, and tapping tools.

Metal-2 Training

Metal 2.png

Completion of the requirements for the Metal-2 badge allows access to the machines geared for harder metals like steel, plus the precision drill press, abrasive cut-off wheel, bench grinder, angle grinder, portable drill, and reciprocating saw.

Wood-1 Training

Wood 1.png

Completion of the requirements for the Wood-1 badge allows access to the basic wood working machines including the drill press and band saws, spindle sander, "Blade Runner" jigsaw, dust collection systems and the combination belt/disk sander.

Wood-2 Training

Wood 2.png

This badge extends Wood-1 privileges to include the table saw, the radial arm saw, and the portable reciprocating (saber) saw.

Electronics Training


This badge, earned through an online course, is required to safely utilize the tools in the electronics workshop on the Mezzanine level of the MakerSpace.

Equipment Manuals