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*The MakerSpace is now the [https://news.tulane.edu/pr/tulane-makerspace-be-named-honor-donor-graduate Scot Ackerman MakerSpace], after a generous gift from Scot Ackerman, a 1978 graduate in Biomedical Engineering.
*The MakerSpace is now the [https://news.tulane.edu/pr/tulane-makerspace-be-named-honor-donor-graduate Scot Ackerman MakerSpace], after a generous gift from Scot Ackerman, a 1978 graduate in Biomedical Engineering.
'''[[News Archive]]'''
*Weekly training on digital design software is now offered in our new Project Room on Saturday mornings.  The sessions are followed by hands-on time in the MakerSpace to demonstrate what's been learned.  Look at the "Training Courses" tab on the left side of the page.
*Prof. Tim Schuler organized a short course for faculty who want to use the MakerSpace.  [http://news.tulane.edu/news/role-reversal Tulane News ] captured Maker Ninja Kaleb Branch helping the participants learn to use the laser cutter.
*Our Make48 team, featured in [https://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/communities/crescent_city/article_5a6c0152-a4b6-11e8-9170-379884489c37.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share The New Orleans Advocate] and in this [https://news.tulane.edu/pr/tulane-team-picked-invention-reality-show-%E2%80%98make48%E2%80%99 Tulane News story], is back from the competition in Baltimore.  The TV show won't air until Fall 2019, so we can't say how they placed, but they are proud of their accomplishments.  '''They're featured in this video [https://vimeo.com/290921714 promo].
*Tulane has been chosen as one of 12 schools participating in the [https://make48.com/college-challenge/ Make48 College Challenge].  Team members were announced on April 11. They are Luke Artzt (JR ENGP), Matthew Nice (SR BMEN), Kyra Rubinstein (FR BMEN) and Jesse Williams (SR ARCH).  They will [https://make48.com/2018/04/meet-the-season-3-competitors-college-vs-college/ compete] in Baltimore in mid-August
*Maker Ninja Chase Schober and Addie Duncan are [https://news.tulane.edu/news/maker-training featured] in the April 11 Tulane New Wave.
*MakerSpace user Josh Ballagh has been building cosplay weapons in anticipation of Geek Week.  His creations are featured [http://news.tulane.edu/news/game in a Tulane PR story].
*To help '''K-12 schools''' in the region grow their MakerSpaces, we're leading an effort [https://news.tulane.edu/news/tulane-makerspace-inspiration-new-orleans-schools bring teachers together] starting with Tulane's.
*We have yet another new 3D printer.  This one's a Monoprice IIIP Mini Delta.  For $160, the print quality is quite good. It uses a special version of Cura, available on the computer next to the Carvey.  Here's the [https://makerspace.tulane.edu/index.php/Equipment_Manuals#3d_Printers manual]
*[https://hr.tulane.edu/sites/g/files/rdw1276/f/DSC_2351.jpg Riptide and President Fitts] visited the MakerSpace to present the President's Award for Team Excellence to the MakerSpace Leadership Team.
*The [https://issuu.com/tulaneuniversity/docs/0281_sse_fy17_annualreport_forweb/18 Annual Report] of the School of Science and Engineering featured two stories about generous donors to the MakerSpace.
*Our new 3D printer, a [https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjLj_uDntDYAhUL22QKHeAdBIQYABAAGgJwag&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESEeD2VRq-mX2ONKQl7prYQRA4&sig=AOD64_3Qx4gw3o-PUrLkQF2r1BZkwcr-kw&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjWrvWDntDYAhULxGMKHas_AxAQ0QwIJw&adurl= Prusa MK3] has arrived and it's set up to run.  Instead of Cura, use PrusaControl on the PC next to the Carvey.  Build volume is z=9.84" x=8.3" y=8.3"  and the manual is [https://makerspace.tulane.edu/index.php/Equipment_Manuals#3d_Printers here]
*The MakerSpace is featured in the launch for '''Tulane's $1.3B fund raising campaign'''.  Chase Schober, one of our Ninjas, is seen in the [http://audacious.tulane.edu/ video] and the [http://audacious.tulane.edu/stories/all-the-ingenuity-under-the-sun/ web site] mentions the NASA team in the MakerSpace.
*A new [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9qS76U4Z1k&authuser=0 video], featuring Maker Ninja '''Antonius Prader''', was produced by the Office of Admission.  Shout-out to '''Justin Baris''' for organizing this.
*We have purchased a Carvey and a Formlabs SLA printer.  Both are available to users with '''[[Digital-2_Training]]''' credentials.
*A 30-second [https://www.dropbox.com/s/2diar4rvr7i3p46/TU-2017-PSA-30.mov?dl=0 video], featuring the '''NASA team''', was filmed in the MakerSpace. 
*The Tulane MakerSpace was recently featured as part of a tour for the Board of Tulane.  The tour was well-received and many board members enjoyed discussing projects and tools with '''Chase Schober''' and '''Olivia Michael'''.
*We have upgraded our 3d printing equipment and filaments, and can now report that (almost) all of our 3d printers are reliably creating beautiful prints and we haven't had a failed print in well over a month of heavy use.
*The 2017 '''Maker of the Year''' Awards were announced on April 18.  The winners of cash prizes are '''Chase Schober''' and '''Rae Mills'''.  Scroll down to see their winning submissions.
*On April 12, 2017 Tulane's PR Office sent out a press release featuring a photo of [http://news.tulane.edu/news/campus-workspace-helps-students-bring-their-ideas-life '''Cody O'Cain's 3-d cosine map''']
*The March '17 '''TULANIAN''' magazine features the MakerSpace on [http://www.pageturnpro.com/Progress-Printing/77574-Tulane-March-2017/index.html#1 pages 5, 7, and 11] of the print edition (pages 7, 9, and 13 in the electronic version).
*'''[[MakerSpace Digital Library]]''' is now available in the mezzanine area of the MakerSpace.
*'''The Hullabaloo (2/9/2017) '''reports on the MakerSpace as a place for  [http://tulanehullabaloo.com/17405/news/makerspace-promotes-technology-design/ collaboration]
*'''Please watch our new (1/24/2017) [https://youtu.be/oWzSFK_JPI8 video],''' featuring Maker Ninjas Afsheen, Ben, and Elise. 
*And while you have a YouTube window open, check out the [https://youtu.be/joVTsoJ4z14 video] of Tulane University's '''2016/17 ''grand prize winning team submission'' to [http://bigidea.nianet.org/ NASA's BIG Idea Challenge]'''  MakerSpace users designed and built a scale prototype for a modular spacecraft intended to ferry cargo spacecraft from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) To Lunar-Distant Retrograde Orbit (LDRO).  MakerSpace Advisor Prof. Schuler was the team's mentor.
===Maker of the Year===
===Maker of the Year===
The 2020 Maker of the Year Award, funded by [http://tulane.edu/sse/news/alumnus-connects-tulane-to-microscopes-history.cfm a generous gift from Lary Walker (G ’76, ’79)] is presented to Brigid Bendig '21
The 2020 Maker of the Year Award, funded by [http://tulane.edu/sse/news/alumnus-connects-tulane-to-microscopes-history.cfm a generous gift from Lary Walker (G ’76, ’79)] is presented to Brigid Bendig '21

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A MakerSpace has been described as new amalgam of art, craft, and technology. Our goal is to serve all makers, and potential makers, in the Tulane Community[1]. We do so by providing tools, assistance, and ideas. Commercial use of the MakerSpace is not allowed. We provide 3d printer filament and laser plywood for academic and personal use projects. If in doubt, questions about interpretation should be directed to the Director before a project is started.







Just Getting Started?

Where are we?

[Google Map] [Aerial view] If you're using Google Maps, just type WVPH+RH in the search box.

When are we open?

Click on "MakerSpace Access" to see our hours of operation.

News and Updates


  • Prof. Nicole Gasparini's students are helping special needs children experience different forms of topography and soil. The project involves using 3-D printers and laser cutters at the Scot Ackerman Makerspace to create synthetic landscapes that can be used to simulate volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes.
  • Maker Ninja Meghan Bush, interning in NASA'sPhotovoltaic and Electrochemical Systems Branch, bested 200 other interns to win the first GlennTalks Live competition. Bush won for her project "Characterizing Photovoltaics in a Near-Space Environment."
  • In August 2018, four Tulane students represented the University at the Make48 College Challenge. The TV show filmed at that event, in Baltimore, was edited into 10 episodes, broadcast on WYES and WLAE in Fall 2019. Or you can stream it; meet the team from 14:44 to 17:22 of thefirst episode. The team's product pitch starts at 9:41 on the fifth episode and the winners are announced at 23:05 on the same episode. There's also a brief video clip featuring the Tulane students, a Q&A interview and a promo for the entire series.
  • Our water jet cutter is in service. David, the factory rep, trained 16 users in two sessions. The machine cuts steel, glass, ceramics, aluminum and any hard non-porous material. Bring your material and a .dxf or .svg file and the Ninjas can help you.
  • The 2019 Burton Morgan Foundation Novel Tech Challenge was won by two Biomedical Engineering students who developed and prototyped their project in the MakerSpace, and are now creating the initial clinical testing production run of their invention on our 3d printers.
  • Jamie Milstein, a Senior in the Freeman School of Business, came to the MakerSpace a week before a pitch competition asking our Ninjas to teach her how to create a full scale model of her product idea. In three days, she learned how to use the 3D printers and made a great prototype. Then she won $10,000.
  • The Maker of the Year Award recipient for 2019 is Lewis Greenstein. Scroll down to the photo of his winning submission.
  • Our new Epilog laser cutter, with a 48"x36" bed, is in place and available.
  • The MakerSpace is now the Scot Ackerman MakerSpace, after a generous gift from Scot Ackerman, a 1978 graduate in Biomedical Engineering.

News Archive

Maker of the Year

The 2020 Maker of the Year Award, funded by a generous gift from Lary Walker (G ’76, ’79) is presented to Brigid Bendig '21 (Public Health).

  • Shapes
    Tactile Book
  • Brigid described her work: "I created a tactile book for use by patients at a pediatric occupational, physical, and speech therapy center here in New Orleans. This project required use of many different systems in the MakerSpace including the Epilog Lasers, the 3D printers, and the sewing machine. Using a wide variety of machines allowed me to incorporate a multitude of textures such as wood, foam, and felt into the book. It includes many different pages as well as three additional boxes that allow patients to familiarize themselves with shapes, letters, and numbers. These include a wide range of tasks such as letter puzzles, shape matching, as well as activities similar to touch math. The activities can also be used so patients to practice more advanced skills such as counting and spelling. I was very excited to be able to present such a great project to the therapy center and none of it would have been possible without the MakerSpace."

Architecture Laser Cutter

The School of Architecture's large format laser cutters are available to MakerSpace users. Currently they charge $10/hour ($3 minimum) for machine time; payable with Splash card or check. They have extended operating hours. Go to http://architecture.tulane.edu/dol/reserve-laser to schedule time on one of their three 32"x18" laser cutters. File formats are PDF or Illustrator. As with our Epilog laser cutters, use a line width of 0.001" to vector cut. Be sure to set your document size to their bed size of 32"x18" which is different from the bed size of the Epilogs. Bring your material and files (on a USB drive) to room 104 of Richardson Memorial Hall; student workers are there to help you get set up.

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The New Orleans Maker Community

New Orleans has a long history of artistic creation, and that creativity is now expressed in a vibrant maker community. The Tulane MakerSpace is proud to be a part of this community. Other members include