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Wood and cardboard

For the laser cutter, we stock sustainably sourced "RevolutionPly" plywood cut to 24" x 18." Scraps from previous projects are on the shelf and we encourage users to make use of scraps for smaller projects. We also stock 24" x 18" corrugated cardboard. Some scrap acrylic is available, left over from other projects. Extruded acrylic (good for cutting) is available at Lowes and cast acrylic is available from McMaster-Carr.

Printer Filament


We maintain an inventory of threaded fasteners. Look through the bins by the back door, or search this spreadsheet to look for a specific size. If there's something inexpensive that you need and we don't have it on hand, send the stock number from to Dr. Walker and we'll include your fastener on our next regular Fastenal pickup.