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'''Graduate Student - Biomedical Engineerings'''
'''Graduate Student - Biomedical Engineering'''
[https://sites.google.com/view/bgandrlab Biomedical Growth & Remodeling Lab]
[https://sites.google.com/view/bgandrlab Biomechanics of Growth & Remodeling Lab]
'''Email:''' [mailto:jschust5@tulane.edu jschust5@tulane.edu]
'''Email:''' [mailto:jschust5@tulane.edu jschust5@tulane.edu]

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  • Jason makerspace.jpg
  • I don't always wear a dress shirt and tie to the Makerspace, but when I do, you know I was photoshopped!

    MakerSpace Ninja

    Graduate Student - Biomedical Engineering

    Biomechanics of Growth & Remodeling Lab

    Email: jschust5@tulane.edu


    Maker Skills:

    • 3d Printing
    • Laser Cutter
    • Makerspace Training - [Digital I], [Metal I], [Metal II], [CNC I], [Wood I], [Wood II]
    • Digital 1.png
    • CNC-Lathe.png
    • Metal 1.png
    • Metal 2.png
    • Wood 1.png
    • Wood 2.png


    • Made on the Carvey - 2 Color HDPE
    • Tissue Stamp - CNC Milled Precision Stamping Fixture
    • Tissue Stamp - CNC Milled Precision Stamping Fixture
    • Tissue Stamp - Laser Cut Acrylic

    Exorcist3D You Tube Page

    • I built my own opensource 3D Printer. I modified the Prusa i3 design. Controlled by: Arduino Mega, RAMPS 1.5, & Sprinter firmware.

    Videos of my opensource 3D printer I built

    Last Update

    Jason Schuster, PhD Candidate 20 November 2017