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*radial arm saw
*radial arm saw
*miter saw
*table-mounted router

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Wood 2.png

This is advanced training for use of woodworking tools with higher risk of serious injury. Completion of the Wood-2 training allows access to

  • table saw
  • radial arm saw
  • miter saw
  • table-mounted router

Step One

Read through the presentations linked below and complete the quiz at the end.

For the table saw (Preferred, because it includes good videos): Read the five modules of this "instructable" and also complete the online quiz linked here

For the table saw (Second choice, because the videos are only static images): Read the pdf version of the "instructable" here or maybe does this work better and complete the quiz linked here afterwards.

For the radial arm saw -- to be added ---

For the Mitre Saw -- to be added --

For the table-mounted router -- to be added --

Step Two

Complete the following design to demonstrate your ability to use the machines. -- to be added --